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Hwange Safari Experience
Hwange Bush Camp

Hwange Bush Camp is an authentic 7 tent bush camp situated in the remote northern region of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. The Robins Area of Hwange National Park offers guests incredible safaris with scenic diversity with huge open grass lands, natural springs and water points - and best of all, you will have the area pretty much to yourself.

The Camp



Fly Camping

Hwange Bush Camp aims to provide visitors with an exceptional game viewing safari experience in the African bush. Wildlife experiences include drives in open 4X4 safari vehicles, generally combined with guided walks accompanied by one of our Professional Guides.

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.”
William Burchell (Engli sh explorer)

Celebrity Visitors

"Sometimes being without Wi-Fi, cell service, Instagram, Twitter, and emails is exactly what you need. I loved staying in Zimbabwe. I loved seeing the animals and being a visitor in their home. (Yes that includes huge spiders but it was a fair trade off for BABY ELEPHANTS.) There were no ovens and all the cooking was on the fire! Delicious. Loved our guide, Spike. Unparalleled knowledge of wildlife and nature. GL & I loved sitting by the fire and learning about the constellations above us."

What our Guests are Saying

  • "I very much enjoyed Hwange Bush Camp. Spike was my guide and I loved that I was able to get out of the vehicle so often and have truly exceptional experiences. Standing in a hide near the water source as elephants walked by, following lion tracks, walking to the dam following buffalo, just to name a few. The accommodations and staff were great; I had buffalo outside my tent on the 2nd morning. I highly recommend the camp, my time in Hwange was a highlight of the 6+ weeks I spent in Africa."
    Kim G

  • "I can't begin to describe our trip. It was far beyond anything that we expected. We saw more animals than we thought we would see. Close ups with leopards, lions and elephants. We were in an elephant blind with the elephants just a few feet away. This was probably our best moment. Spike Williamson was our guide and by far the best. Thank you."
    Howard H

  • "Hwange Bush Camp was such a great introduction to Africa. It was just what we were hoping for in a camp. Rustic yet comfortable. There was really nothing we were lacking there and it had a real sense of adventure. Our guide, Spike, was very knowledgeable and really catered to our likes. There were times where he would offer spur of the moment rides if the animals, especially the baboons, (which he could hear from the camp) were stirred up or alarmed. We would recommend going here."
    Susan H

  • "The Hwange Bush Camp was far and away everybody’s favorite. The girl who managed the camp did an excellent job to make sure that we had everything we wanted or needed. Our guide Andrew and our game spotter Sean both work their butts off to make sure we saw not only lots of animals but also absolutely spectacular sights. I was initially a little disappointed we didn’t get Spike but I can’t imagine anybody doing a better job than Andrew and Sean. We did get to talk to Spike at meals and he was certainly entertaining. I definitely wouldn’t mind spending a couple days on safari with him. At my wife’s request they showed us the kitchen and she could not believe the phenomenal meals that came out of this wood fired cooking area. There’s definitely a special ‘feeling’ at the Hwange camp. Despite getting dressed in the cold African mornings and attempting to master the three minute shower we definitely hated to say goodbye to this wonderful place. Out of all the camps we visited, it was rated number one by all six of our family members."
    Lynett Family

  • "Dear Spike, Anna, Sean and all who helped create a life time of memories for us. We traveled to other camps, but, refer to our time spent with you as our most remarkable. At other camps, we frequently quoted information learned from Spike, or, at times we would say things like "Spike would never do that" or "Call Spike - we can get a better explanation." Spike, you consistently overwhelmed us with your knowledge of animal behavior, ecosystems, medical & environmental science & everything related to the bush. So generous with your time & love of animals, birds & the bush, it was infectious & touched us deeply. We frequently tell others about the day we woke early & spent the day in search of lions with only small breaks & Anna & Sean bringing lunch. The time we jumped up from dinner to see 5 lionesses, 4 mothers & 11 cubs. The day we walked & learned about termites & communication between trees, identified birds. Every day was filled with wonders we still dream about. Anna & Sean created a warm, gentle, non-intrusive environment in which we could easily be in tune with nature. The food - delicious with attention paid to special diets. Rooms & the camp are always well cared for. You are all amazing! Endless thanks for giving so much of yourselves & making this clearly a trip of a lifetime."
    Maxine, Bob, Jeff and Rachel